Samsung display to sell LCD fab in Suzhou

The South Korean government has approved Samsung Display’s disposal of its LCD production lines in Suzhou, China. The company is expected to concentrate more on quantum dot R&D while scaling down its LCD TV display business.

The company’s manufacturing plant in Suzhou has the 8.5th-generation LCD technology, which is a core technology of South Korea and requires a government approval for overseas transfer. However, South Korean display manufacturers are already shifting towards quantum dot and OLED and the importance of LCD is already dwindling. In the global LCD market, Chinese companies took the lion’s share as long as three years ago.

In August last year, Samsung Display signed a contract with TCL to dispose of the production lines. The selling price is US$1.08 billion. The plant is the only 8.5th-generation LCD panel production lines of Samsung Display in China. Its monthly production capacity is 160,000 units.