Samsung progresses with its inkjet printing OLED technology, to apply it to next-generation monitors and laptops

According to ETNews, Samsung Display has made significant progress with its OLED ink-jet printing process technology, and the company now aims to apply this technology to produce medium-sized panels for OLED laptops and OLED monitors. Samsung may also use this process to produce smaller tablet displays.

It seems that Samsung is aiming to settle on three main next-generation OLED technologies – evaporation (FMM) OLEDs for small-sized display, ink-jet OLED deposition for medium-sized panels and hybrid QD-OLEDs for large-area OLED TV panels. It’s other display technologies are QD-LEDs for TVs and Micro-LEDs for next-generation small and large area displays.

Samsung Yole

Interestingly, the new ETNews report also suggest that SDC is not entirely decided on its future medium-size and large-size OLED technologies – it could be that ink-jet printing will be used to produce TVs as well. it seems unlikely that the QD-OLED architecture will be adopted for mobile displays – as the power efficiency of such displays will be limited.

According to earlier reports, Samsung is using Kateeva’s printers, and emissive materials supplied by DuPont and is aiming to use a 8.5-Gen production process. SDC’s original plan was to produce large-area (55″ and higher) panels using this process, but now it seems it is aiming to produce medium-sized panels. It could be that Samsung will settle for a smaller glass size for this process.