SCU and Siemens Electrical Products China Business Unit successfully signed a joint solution for data center integrated power modules based on the Siemens Xcelerator platform.

Suzhou Siemens Electric Appliances held a 30th anniversary celebration, and SCU General Manager Chen Jisheng was invited to attend. As a customer representative, Mr. Chen made a report on “Joint Effort to Create the Future Together” and expressed his sincere admiration and warm congratulations to Siemens for its brilliant achievements.

At the time of the rapid development of Siemens, SCU and Siemens Electrical Products China Business Unit successfully signed a joint solution for data center integrated power modules based on the Siemens Xcelerator platform. This landmark cooperation marks a new step in the cooperation between the two parties in the field of data centers. A new step. The success of this signing is due to the joint efforts and profound technological accumulation of both parties. SCU will cooperate in-depth with Siemens in technology, branding, sales and other aspects.

The integrated power module joint solution integrates the design of the Siemens 8PT power distribution cabinet and integrates multiple functions such as power conversion, distribution, monitoring and management, which can eliminate the impact of various power grid problems on key loads; the system is highly integrated and reduces line losses, significantly reducing fault points, saving 30% to 50% of floor space, and reducing overall investment by about 30%; the flexible decoupling solution achieves high reliability and rapid deployment; the solution supports the advanced IECO online compensation energy-saving operation mode, improving operating efficiency Up to 99.5%, providing efficient, reliable, high-quality, green power supply guarantee for large data centers.

In addition, Mr. Chen met with Matthe, Global CEO of Electrical Products of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure, Shi Haikuo, Executive Vice President of Electrical Products of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure and General Manager of Siemens Electrical Products China and East Asia Headquarters, and Executive Vice President of Siemens (China) Lin Bin, General Manager of Siemens Greater China Intelligent Infrastructure, gave a VIP Talk. The two parties exchanged views on SCU’s business sectors and current situation, current industry development and DC technology applications. They looked forward to the direction of in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the future.

The two parties will jointly develop and promote efficient and reliable data center integrated power module solutions to unleash the strong potential of innovation driving force and drive the industry towards a stable, efficient and environmentally friendly high-quality development path.