SENSO 2016 Advanced sciences and technologies for IoT

ARCSIS is an organization in charge of strengthening the microelectronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic and communicating object industries of the PACA region for national and international influence. Its missions are to encourage partnerships in R&D and to develop business. ARCSIS participates in assuring sustainability, full economic development and enhanced competitiveness of the regional microelectronics and communicating objects industry.

ARCSIS, Association for the Research on Components and Secured Integrated Systems.

ARCSIS also manages a major collaborative research and development program, CIM PACA (PACA integrated Microelectronics Center), which groups together the microelectronics community around three interconnected platforms: Design, Characterization and Micro-PackS.

The Ecole des Mines Saint Etienne is one of the French «Grandes Ecoles» dedicated to training highly qualified engineers  and to carrying out research to meet the needs of industry. Its mission is to support the development of its students and of companies through a range of courses and fields of research, from the initial training of generalist engineers « ingénieurs civils des mines», to PhD teaching ; from material sciences to micro-electronics via process engineering, the environment, civil engineering, computer science and health engineering.

The school’s expertise is based on teaching that is both academic and directly related to the real world of the companies, and is supported by innovative pedagogy. The school’s pioneering spirit is seen in its exploration of new scientific themes or international partnerships which make it a unique player among the top 10 French engineering schools.