Sensome raises $9million B round with equity investment from Asahi Intecc

The two companies start development program to integrate Sensome’s tissue micro-sensor into Asahi’s world class guidewire

Sensome, the company pioneering the connected medical device revolution with the world’s smallest biological tissue sensor, announced the successful completion of a 9 million dollar financing round from its historical investors (Kurma Partners, Idinvest Partners, BNP Paribas Développement, Paris-Saclay Seed Fund) joined by Asahi Intecc Co., from Japan, a world in guidewire technology. The funds raised will serve to test the clinical performance of Sensome’s first product Clotild®, aproprietary connected guidewire, and get it ready for market. Sensome and Asahi also agreed to a two-year development plan to design a new connected guidewire for the treatment of ischemic stroke, combining Sensome’s proprietary micro-sensor and Asahi’s CHIKAI guidewire. Acute ischemic stroke, the cause of long-term disability, can now be treated by removing the clot blocking the brain blood vessel using mechanical thrombectomy devices. These devices are guided from the groin over a wire. Sensome transforms these guidewires with its tissue sensor to help physicians remove the clot on the first attempt, which is currently achieved in only one out of three cases and greatly improves patient prognosis. “The future of interventional therapies depends on accessing the right information at the right time. We have developed the technology to empower medical devices with the required connectivity and data, be it in stroke or other medical fields”, said Franz Bozsak, CEO and co-founder of Sensome, and added, ”The partnership with Asahi will demonstrate how Sensome’s sensor technology can be integrated seamlessly into any high-performance medical device.” “The smart guidewire for stroke aims to gather and utilize significant data regarding clot, contributing to better treatment outcomes in intravascular acute ischemic stroke. An easy-to-use high-performance guidewire with onboard sensor will allow the physician to know more about the clot without significant disruption to the current procedure,” explained Masahiko Miyata, CEO of Asahi Intecc. “The combination of Sensome’s sophisticated sensor technology and Asahi’s guidewire technology is highly synergetic. Asahi is confident that this collaboration will yield a revolutionary smart guidewire with excellent mechanical performance and unique capability.”