Sodium-ion technology drives new production capabilities. Huaihai Holdings collaborates internationally to outline the blueprint for the development of the new energy industry

In the context of the global trend in the development of the new energy industry, Huaihai Holdings takes the lead in new production capabilities, deeply implements national development strategies, focuses on sodium-ion battery high-tech technology, actively integrates into the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, and through international joint ventures, develops new models to construct a new ecosystem of global cooperation in the new energy industry chain, continuously supporting the internationalization of China’s new energy industry.

Huaihai International Headquarters Industrial Park

At the 135th Canton Fair, Huaihai Holdings shone with a fresh appearance, attracting attention both indoors and outdoors with bustling crowds, unprecedented enthusiasm, and over 200 groups of customers received daily. The full range of sodium-ion battery products showcased by Huaihai, leveraging its globally leading high-tech advantages, garnered wide acclaim from domestic and foreign merchants, and attracted attention and coverage from media outlets such as CCTV, Guangdong Broadcasting and Television Station, Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Station, and Phoenix News.

Huaihai Holdings at the 135th Canton Fair

01 Anchoring global leading sodium-ion high-tech, driving the development of new quality productivity.

Over time, Huaihai has actively responded to the national call for the development of new quality productivity, anchoring itself in the global leading sodium-ion battery high-tech sector. Continuously committed to propelling the new energy industry to new heights, Huaihai has collaborated with the globally renowned brand BYD to establish the Huaihai-BYD Sodium-ion Battery Technology Company. This venture possesses world-leading sodium-ion battery high-tech products, thereby establishing formidable competitiveness in the field of new energy. Huaihai focuses on business segments such as sodium-ion microcars, sodium-ion vehicles, and sodium-ion photovoltaic energy storage, forming the “332″ layout for eight major new quality industries.

Huaihai’s collaboration with BYD has led to the establishment of Huaihai-BYD Sodium-ion Battery Technology Company (rendering).

On the new track, Huaihai is showing strong growth momentum. Breakthrough progress has been made in projects such as the Shaanxi Huaihai Vehicle Sodium-ion New Energy Vehicle Project, the Frudi Sodium-ion Battery Project, and the Huaihai New Energy energy storage products. Related technologies along the industry chain have matured substantially, heralding the coming of the mass production era for sodium-ion batteries in 2024. The cost reduction and industrialization drive will also endow Huaihai with greater market competitiveness.


Huaihai Sodium-ion Battery Cells

02 Deeply Implementing International Development Strategy, Expanding Global Market Landscape

Since entering the global market in 2008, Huaihai’s business scope has covered 120 countries and regions, consistently ranking as the industry’s top exporter for many years. As a leading enterprise in the micro-vehicle industry chain, Huaihai leverages its scale advantage to integrate resources upstream and downstream of the sodium-ion battery industry chain, driving the development of applications such as new energy vehicles and photovoltaic energy storage. With significant business achievements, “Made by Huaihai” has become a favorite among many foreign friends.


The 135th Canton Fair: Representatives of Overseas Buyers

In the wave of globalization, Huaihai has built a comprehensive service marketing model with excellent strategic vision to meet diversified market demands. In countries like Italy, Malaysia, and Venezuela, Huaihai has successfully conducted localized cooperation with local partners, filling market gaps and setting benchmarks for international cooperation models.


Huaihai Overseas Industrial Layout

03 Leveraging the mature industrial chain advantages in China, refining cost-effective products.

Drawing on the mature industrial chain advantages in China, Huaihai continually refines its cost-effective products, providing higher-quality services to the global market. Huaihai deepens its product structure adjustment, enhancing its capacity to operate multiple product categories. Through complementing, extending, and expanding the chain, it stimulates vitality in the new energy and new energy vehicle industries.


The full range of Huaihai’s sodium-ion battery products

In the Huaihai International Headquarters’ foreign trade workshop, a steady stream of container trucks loaded with Huaihai electric vehicles and related accessories showcase Huaihai’s active presence in international trade. Chairman An Jiwen expressed that China’s extensive industrial chain will create products and services with better quality and affordability, leading to the creation of wealth in the international market.

04 Leveraging a new model of international joint venture cooperation, Huaihai is fostering the prosperity of various industrial sectors.

To seize the opportunities presented by the global energy revolution, Huaihai Holdings is upgrading its international business model. With sodium-ion high-tech as its guiding force, it innovatively introduces the Huaihai New Energy Industry International Joint Venture Cooperation Development Model.

Interacting with overseas clients at the 135th Canton Fair

The Huaihai New Energy Industry International Joint Venture Cooperation Development Model

During this session of the Canton Fair, Vice President Xing Hongyan officially introduced the Huaihai New Energy Industry International Joint Venture Cooperation Development Model at the press conference. Huaihai will establish six major business units in Southeast Asia, Central and South Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa, actively attracting high-quality partners from various countries. Through cross-shareholding, we aim to achieve deep strategic cooperation, fostering a win-win situation through strong alliances. Huaihai will provide comprehensive support to partners, including core products, core technology, supporting resources, human resources, business models, and operational management. Together, we will build a global new energy industry cooperation ecosystem.

The Huaihai International Joint Venture Industry involves collaboration between domestic and foreign entities.

Huaihai firmly believes that with its globally leading sodium-ion high-tech technology as its sail, through the international joint venture development model, Huaihai will undoubtedly be able to join hands with global partners to create a new era of sodium-ion new energy industry development, contributing Huaihai’s strength to the magnificent journey of China’s new energy industry.