Sony unveils its new products at IFA 2016 in the realms of mobile and audio

At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, scheduled to begin on, Sony will unveil its new lineup of products that represent the very best of its creativity and technological ingenuity. Underpinning the development and design of these products is Sony’s philosophy of “inspiring and fulfilling your curiosity and moving you emotionally,” which will be on full display at IFA 2016.

In advance of IFA’s official opening, Sony held a press conference on September 1 (local time). There, Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai introduced the company’s newest audio lineup as an example of its dedication to creating more compelling and differentiated products. He touched on the PlayStation®VR virtual reality (VR) system, and went on to elaborate on various initiatives as Sony continues to identify opportunities for innovation within consumer electronics, such as the Seed Acceleration Program, Life Space UX, AI and robotics. He remarked, “We want our products to be at the ‘last one inch,’ at the closest point to you. Our relevance to you lies in continuing to offer emotional value through a wide range of products which are intimately involved in enhancing what you see, hear, experience and enjoy.” Hideyuki Furumi – Sony Mobile Communications. EVP in charge of Global Sales & Marketing – then took the stage to unveil the new flagship smartphone in the Xperia™ X series and discuss the advances made in Xperia Smart Products, which propose new ways of communicating.

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A video of the press conference can be streamed at the following URL: IFA 2016

Xperia Smartphones and Xperia Smart Products
Sony announced two new models in the Xperia X series of smartphones: the new flagship Xperia XZ, and Xperia X Compact, both of which boast an enhanced camera experience thanks to our new Triple image sensing technology. Xperia XZ will launch globally from October, while Xperia X Compact will launch globally from September.

Triple image sensing technology, our unique camera development that allows you to faithfully capture split-second moments in any environment, works by fusing the following three technologies

Image sensing that boasts fast and accurate autofocus (“AF“) with exceptional object tracking, thanks to our superior image sensor which is powered by Predictive Hybrid AF to track and predict the subject’s next move.

Distance sensing with the Laser AF sensor which enables fast and accurate AF even in low light.

Color sensing with the RGBC-IR sensor which captures colors the way you see them, regardless of the lighting environment.

The two models also deliver significant advancements in video shooting as the first smartphones with 5-axis image stabilization, enabling you to capture smoother videos, even in close-up zoom. Furthermore, they are packed with intelligent features to optimize your Xperia user experience based on how it’s used, such as Adaptive Charging technology developed with Qnovo Inc. to extend the battery lifespan. Xperia XZ features a 5.2″ Full HD display and metal casing for a perfect fit in your hand. Xperia X Compact features a 4.6″ HD display.

Sony also announced that Xperia Ear, its in-ear and hands-free Smart Product that brings a new way of communicating, will be available from November starting in select markets. Xperia Ear responds to verbal commands with intuitive operations, and through a wireless connection to your smartphone, it gives you information and assistance in a natural, authentic voice interaction. Equipped with Sony Agent Technology and a proximity sensor, Xperia Ear provides you with useful information such as your schedule and other personalized updates when you just place it in your ear, enabling you to stay connected while enjoying the world around you. Sony will also display Xperia Projector and Xperia Agent as concepts, combined with services from Yahoo Japan and Nestlé Japan, to give a glimpse of the user experiences offered by Smart Products.

Sony introduced a new “Signature Series” flagship line that represents the convergence of Sony’s superior analog and digital technologies that it has cultivated over many years. This series of High-Resolution Audio (“Hi-Res“) products is made up of the MDR-Z1R stereo headphones, two new WM1 series Walkman® models (the NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A), and the TA-ZH1ES headphone amp. Sony has continued its pursuit of the ultimate materials and structures for reproducing the best sound possible, taking an unconventional approach to designing the Signature Series. The Signature Series faithfully conveys the heart and soul that artists pour into their music, from the sublime resonance of an orchestra to the overflowing passion of a live concert. The new series pushes sound to an entirely new realm – taking the headphone experience from “listening” to “feeling” it.

Sony also unveiled the MDR-1000X Hi-Res wireless noise canceling stereo headphones, which boast industry-leading*1noise cancellation and allow you to enjoy high-quality music regardless of the surrounding noise. The headphones also feature modes that enable you to hear sound around you, from PA announcements at the airport to quick conversations, without having to remove the headphones.

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