The european medical imaging conference, mediSens, reveals the full agenda to include inspiring speakers Dr Dimitra Darambara, Dr Phil Evans and professor Guang-Zhong Yang

This highly-anticipated agenda focuses on discussing a clear need to assist medical professionals in order to improve clinical outcomes, reduce dosage and control costs through advanced X-ray Imaging Systems.

 Electronic imaging systems are playing an increasing role at all levels of clinical operation. From capsule endoscopy to the most advanced PET or MRI scanners, digital imaging is providing healthcare professionals with more and more information to aid with diagnosis and surgery.

However, digital imaging is still at a relative infancy in many of these applications but image sensor technology is moving apace – from mass market camera phone sensors to high end particle detectors – and patients stand to be a significant benefactor. Cancer detection is one specific area where imaging can provide life-saving support for diagnosis and treatment, and further advances in this field stand to improve patient outcomes many years into the future.

Delivered via a series of insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions, and extensive networking, all MediSens attendees will leave the event with a clearer understanding of cancer detection medical imaging technology and connections to help them maximise the benefits of this advanced technology. The event is free to attend for full time medical professionals.