The future of big screen TVs is very, very small

Written by Adam Kovac for Nanosys – Why analyst Eric Virey believes MicroLEDs will win the war for your television budget.

Buying a television might be the most complicated simple purchase you can make these days.

It seems so uncomplicated: go to the store, decide on a size, stare at a few nature images or sports highlights or whatever loop is playing simultaneously on the screens that surround you and then point and say “I’ll take that one.”

Life is never that simple, and for those in the market for some new home entertainment, that’s a good thing. Television technology has branched out in recent years, giving consumers more options on price, definition, brightness and resolution. There’s Liquid Crystal Displays, which incorporate quantum dots. There’s organic light-emitting diode screens. But, according to Eric Virey, a market analyst specialising in LEDs at market research firm Yole Development, it’s only going to get better in the near future as the next big thing hits stores: MicroLED-based TV sets.

To be fair, MicroLEDs screens are already for sale, but you better have a pretty thick wallet if you’re hoping to Netflix and chill with the greatest picture quality currently available; a 110 inch MicroLED set is currently listed for around $150,000 a pop… Full article