TheTimeChanger : the watch at the heart of the biggest horological revolution since 1936 is finally available for sale

The 1088 units of the iconic watch, TheTimeChanger, a true masterpiece of technology and innovation, are now available for purchase on Kickstarter at a price of €1850. Designed by Giorgio Galli, it marks the end of an 87-year chapter in horological history. This moment in horological history makes for a perfect Christmas gift!

SilMach, the pioneering French deeptech company in silicon micromechanics, is proud to announce the availability of its revolutionary watch, TheTimeChanger, for exclusive and limited pre-order on Kickstarter starting today. One of its kind, it is the world’s first watch to incorporate a silicon heart, providing unique technical properties in the market and opening exciting new possibilities for nanotechnology and horology.

TheTimeChanger, a moment in history, a technological gem…

Since 1936, the step motor, invented by Marius Lavet, has powered billions of watches, but TheTimeChanger turns a new page in horological history. More than just a timepiece, TheTimeChanger is a forward-thinking and groundbreaking project that revolutionizes the watch industry by integrating a silicon heart, an advanced technology that gives it complete antimagnetic properties and unique technical features in the market:

  • A historic motor: This silicon motor, a SilMach invention, reshapes the horological landscape and replaces the Lavet motor that has powered billions of watches.
  • Exceptional precision: The silicon heart of TheTimeChanger offers ultra-precise control of the hands’ movement, with the ability to move them step by step in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. This precision is up to ten times superior to the COSC chronometric standard, with a variation of only +/- 0.5 seconds per day.
  • Unique optical effect: TheTimeChanger provides a perpetual motion optical effect of the hands, made possible by an acceleration of the movement frequency, a feature unique to each mode and functionality of the watch.
  • Spectacular autonomy and durability: TheTimeChanger has remarkable autonomy for a classic battery-powered watch (CR2320), exceeding 10 years. It is also waterproof up to 50 meters deep.
  • Advanced features: TheTimeChanger offers a secret entrance to various advanced operating modes with the simple push of buttons: a synchronized double balance wheel animation of the hands, a manual calibration mode for the hands, and a time jump mode where hours become minutes and minutes become seconds.
Couresy Eric Marin/SilMach, 2023

TheTimeChanger, a revolution in the watch industry

TheTimeChanger is the result of 20 years of research and development, as well as a story of commitment and dedication to breathing new life into French horology. Born from scientific research conducted in the heart of the historical cradle of watchmaking, each TheTimeChanger Watch is designed and assembled in Besançon, equipped with a 100% French silicon heart. With this exceptional timepiece, meticulously hand-assembled, SilMach demonstrates its determination to redefine the future of watchmaking by combining traditional craftsmanship expertise with cutting-edge technological innovation.

A stylish and refined watch, combining elegance and ergonomics

In addition to its unique technical features, TheTimeChanger also combines elegance and ergonomics. Created in collaboration with the Timex Group, a strategic partner of SilMach, it was designed in Milan by the group’s leading designer, Giorgio Galli. Its matte anthracite stainless steel case resists corrosion, while its grooved brass dial and lightweight aluminum hands offer a unique design and perfect readability. The anti-reflective sapphire glass ensures excellent visual comfort in all circumstances. With a diameter of 42mm, a thickness of 11mm, and a weight of 64g, TheTimeChanger is ideally placed on your wrist.

TheTimeChanger is also distinguished by its exceptional leather straps, sourced from the French manufacturer Jean Rousseau established in Pelousey since 1954. Crafted with excellence, the straps are specially designed to fit perfectly on the watch case and equipped with a stainless steel folding clasp for easy and secure adjustment.


The 1088 units of the unique and limited series of TheTimeChanger are now available for pre-order on the global sales platform Kickstarter, priced at €1850 each. Owning a TheTimeChanger watch is an opportunity to be part of this horological revolution and become one of the few owners of a unique horological piece.

To participate in TheTimeChanger pre-order and learn more about this revolutionary watch, visit TheTimeChanger.



SilMach revolutionizes watchmaking with the introduction of the first hybrid MEMS micromotor. With the launch of the first watch powered by MEMS, Jérôme Mouly, Director, Photonic & Sensing Division and Pierre-Marie Visse, Technology & Market Analysts at Yole Intelligence, along with Pierre-François Louvigné, CEO at SilMach, take a look at this technology – which should continue to make headlines in the years to come.

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