Vesper boosts acoustic performance with piezoelectric MEMS microphone

VM101 is first waterproof, shockproof, and dust- and particle-resistant MEMS microphone.

Vesper, the leader in advanced acoustic-sensing technology, launched VM101, a piezoelectric MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) microphone that achieves 68 dB typical signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) — the highest acoustic-performance benchmark of any commercially available MEMS microphone.

As the first ultra-high SNR MEMS microphone, VM101 solves major performance issues facing consumer products manufacturers, enhancing the quality and clarity of audio capture to improve the voice user interface in smartphones, wearables, smart home appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Voice is expected to supplant touch as the dominant user interface in consumer products. This makes higher-performance MEMS microphones increasingly critical because they are right at the beginning of the audio signal chain,” said Matt Crowley, CEO, Vesper.
In addition to superior acoustic performance, VM101 is the only MEMS microphone that is waterproof, shockproof and dust- and particle-resistant — benefits that are extremely attractive to manufacturers facing potential reliability issues with their products.
You can actually drop VM101 into Boston Harbor or bury it in sand at the beach, and it will still work properly,” said Crowley. “With microphone failure the second most common reason for smartphone returns after cracked screens, reliability is vital. Having such a robust microphone potentially alleviates major headaches (and returns) for manufacturers.

Versper VM101 MEMS Microphone YoleVesper’s VM101 MEMS microphone is highest SNR MEMS microphone for smartphones, wearables and IoT devices

Robust and Ready

VM101 achieves 68 dB SNR, nearly doubling the performance over the current high-end 65 dB SNR capacitive MEMS microphones. From far-field audio that doubles the distance of sound capture to ambient noise cancellation that dramatically improves the clarity of phone conversations, Vesper’s new MEMS microphones enrich the user experience with voice-enabled applications.
This is particularly important for improving acoustic performance for voice command and control of smartphones, “audio zoom” recording features, voice-enabled smart home devices, and smart TV remote controllers that allow consumers to navigate menus, surf the Internet and record programs using voice instead of touch.

Versper VM101 piezoelectric MEMS Microphone YoleVesper’s VM101 is the first piezoelectric MEMS microphone — so it’s waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and particle-resistant.

Microphone Arrays

MEMS microphones are typically used in microphone arrays of up to four microphones, which makes microphone stability critical. Unlike capacitive MEMS microphones, which are prone to drift once they leave the factory, VM101 MEMS microphones are exceptionally stable, making them ideally suited for microphone array applications such as:
– far-field audio — improves sound capture, even at longer distances
– ambient noise cancellation — enhances clarity and intelligibility for recording or speaking on the phone
– “audio zoom” — focuses on a single sound source when recording, enabling more accurate sound-selection

Technical Specifications
– 68 dB typical SNR
– standard 3.35 x 2.50 mm package size — drop-in replacement for capacitive MEMS mics
– Rapid start-up < 10 microseconds
– Waterproof, dust- and shockproof, and particle-resistant
– 150 microamps typical power consumption

About Vesper
Based in Boston, Vesper is a privately held company with a patented piezoelectric MEMS technology dedicated to improving consumer’s acoustic experience in products such as smartphones, wearables, smart home and IoT-connected devices. Vesper is funded by Atlas Ventures, University of Michigan and strategic partners.
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