Vuereal unveils revolutionary quantumvue™ display tech: Transforming displays with microleds and dynamic patterning quantum dots

 VueReal, a pioneer in MicroSolid Printing™, announced the introduction of QuantumVue™ Display technology. This revolutionary solution seamlessly integrates the company’s proprietary MicroSolid Printing platform with its patented dynamic quantum dot (QD) patterning.

This unique combination extends microLED applications and enhances display reliability, performance, and brightness compared to solutions while significantly reducing production costs for large displays. QuantumVue™ Display utilizes VueReal’s unique proprietary MicroSolid Printing™ technology to integrate microLEDs precisely onto large substrates at high throughput and yield. It also utilizes VueReal’s patent-protected dynamic patterning QD for color reproduction and low-cost defect repair.

“QuantumVue™ Display is a game-changer in our portfolio, offering sustainability and affordability without compromising quality,” said Dr. Reza Chaji, founder and CEO of VueReal. “This breakthrough technology is versatile and can be applied in various settings, such as TVs, monitors, and tablets. However, it shines in TV applications, providing superior performance at a competitive cost compared to current TV solutions.”

This technology portfolio relies on VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing platform for scalability, throughput, and yield. The MicroSolid Printing platform addresses the foremost challenge in the mass adoption of microLED displays—the efficient transfer of LEDs from wafer to backplane. VueReal’s patented process transforms millions of micrometer-sized LEDs with unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and high yield.

Key features of the QuantumVue™ Display include:

  • Advanced MicroLED Technology: Advancements ensure extraordinary brightness and deep contrast levels, with each pixel emitting light with high reliability.
  • Color Purity: VueReal advanced QD integration innovations enhance the color spectrum, providing viewers with a richer and more immersive visual experience.
  • Cost-Effective Repair Solutions: VueReal dynamic pattering of Quantum Dots enables the repair of defects in microLEDs, reducing the need for expensive mechanical repair processes on large substrates.
  • High-throughput Production: VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing is compatible with large substrate areas (>Gen 6) and offers high throughput and yield, meeting the scales needed for different applications.
  • Eco-Friendly Production: VueReal’s transfer technology allows more efficient use of materials and energy, supporting environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.