WiLAN subsidiary and CXMT enter into license and acquisition agreements

Wi-LAN (“WiLAN“), a Quarterhill company and ChangXin Memory Technologies, (“CXMT“), announced that Polaris Innovations Limited (“Polaris“), a wholly owned subsidiary of WiLAN, and CXMT have entered into a patent license agreement and an independent patent acquisition agreement, each relating to certain Dynamic Random Access Memory (“DRAM“) patents developed by former DRAM manufacturer Qimonda AG (“Qimonda“).

Under the patent license agreement, Polaris grants a license to CXMT for numerous Polaris patents relating to DRAM technologies. The licensed DRAM patents are a subset of the portfolio that Polaris acquired from Infineon Technologies, the former parent company of Qimonda, in June 2015.

Under the patent acquisition agreement, CXMT has agreed to acquire a number of Polaris DRAM patents.

All other terms of the license and acquisition agreements, including the consideration payable by CXMT to Polaris, are confidential.

We are pleased to have CXMT, of China’s DRAM industry, recognize the value of the Polaris DRAM patents. The two agreements illustrate CXMT’s close attention to IP and commitment to continuous R&D investment. We believe that the rights that CXMT secured through these agreements could provide it with a competitive edge in the industry and help it continue its development of key DRAM technologies,” said Michael Vladescu, President and CEO of WiLAN. “CXMT’s entry into these agreements provides WiLAN with new momentum in developing opportunities in key emerging markets such as China, thereby continuing to enhance value for our parent company Quarterhill and investors.”

CXMT will continue to expand its core semiconductor technologies and high-value IP assets through its own R&D efforts and through cooperation with global partners such as WiLAN,” said Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CXMT. “These two agreements represent the latest effort made by CXMT to further expand its intellectual property portfolio, build upon its technology strategy, and secure rights to operate its DRAM business.”

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Started in 2016, ChangXin Memory Technologies, (CXMT) is an integrated design and manufacture company specialized in dynamic random access memory (DRAM). Currently, CXMT has put its first 12-inch wafer fab into production. DRAM products are applied in a wide range of fields, including mobile devices, computers, servers, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and Internet of Things, enjoying an enormous market potential. Since its establishment, CXMT takes technology as the core and strengthens the establishment of management system. On this basis, CXMT conducts rapid iterative development with dedicated R&D line and significantly improves its technology with advanced equipment, developing its own distinctive technology system. CXMT is committed to becoming a commercially successful semiconductor memory company that champions pioneering technologies, thus to empower information society and improve human lives through our memory technology.