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Let’s discover the latest products about MEMS and Sensing:

An almost $22B mems market will materialize in five years, owing to emerging applications and combined intelligence that provide more added-value in mems sensors.

Electrification and sensorization of cars and promising consumer applications will drive the magnetic sensor market to $4.5B in 2027.

Significant M&A and investment activities totaling almost $1b have revitalized the high-end inertial market, fostering the next waves of technology adoption.

Vehicles still use most gas sensors, but the consumer market is accelerating the digitalization of smell.

New audio functions like active noise cancellation, 3D audio and beam forming are expanding the audio market and adding audio processing to microphones, microspeakers, codecs, and amplifiers.

Healthy growth is expected for the pressure mems market in the next five years, but uncertainty comes after 2026, due to the transition to evs, eventually exerting pressure to sensor manufacturers.

How wearables will add nearly $100B to the consumer and medical electronics market in 2025, offering new opportunities to sensors.

Let’s discover the latest products about IMAGING:

With a new wave of capacity investment, cis industry revenue will pass $30b in 2027.

Swir imaging industry will drastically change thanks to the rise of under-display 3d sensing in smartphones and the new technologies from stmicroelectronics and sony.

3d sensing will be worth $16.7b in 2027, but will the metaverse be the killer app that drives android adoption?

Towards 20 cameras in upcoming cars, imaging for automotive will reach $25B in 2027.

Set to demand $3.6 billion worth of cmos image sensors in 2027, dominated by chinese camera players, and with edge computing emerging, security imaging is changing drastically.

Beyond covid-19, what is the outlook
for the thermal imaging and sensing market?

The spread of the multi-camera approach from mobile phones
to cars will continue to drive the ccm industry forward.

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Acceleration of mergers & acquisitions: what lies ahead for high-end inertial sensors?

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As Yole Group 2022 report on high-end inertial sensors for defense, aerospace and industrial applications, the unexpected industry merger between ECA Group and iXblue raises many questions as to what will follow.
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Microfluidics industry: how the COVID-19 lockdown reshuffled the cards

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Adoption of point-of-care and next generation sequencing technologies are propelling new microfluidics players on the market and revenues to an expected US$32 billion in 2027.

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The glory years of microfluidics

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Microfluidic devices take multiple shapes. The applications are diverse, with diagnostics, life sciences, drug delivery, and manufacturing being the main ones.

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