Chiplet: innovation and industry standardization are crucial

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Yole Group partners with the Chiplet Summit to offer the latest perspective of this industry.

Yole Group is part of Chiplet Summit 2023. The Summit occurs on January 24-26 at the Doubletree by Hilton San Jose.

As the semiconductor industry confronts yet another physical challenge signaling the demise of Moore’s Law, processor designers and foundries are again proving that innovation and industry standardization are crucial. The economics of Moore’s Law must continue.

Yole Group invites you to attend the market keynote, fully dedicated to the chiplet market, with short-term and long-term trends. Principal Analyst Tom Hackenberg, and Senior Analyst John Lorenz, from Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, present a “Market Research Update” in the leadoff plenary on “Chiplets: Where We Are Today”.

John Lorenz
“With this presentation, we deliver varying industry views defining chiplets and the approach we develop at Yole Intelligence, to determine the market size and growth. Our presentation details the economic relationship to Moore’s Law, and the reasons why it is important to analyzing the market potential. Key drivers and barriers of current and future market, technology, and economic trends are also part of this analysis…”

In addition, Yole Intelligence’s analysts head an expert table on “Market Research”, discuss market trends in the closing panel on “Chiplets in 2028 and How We Got There” and provide a keynote for the Open Compute Platform Track.

Chiplet Summit program is now available: HERE.

Chiplet Summit covers the latest architectures, development platforms and methods, and applications. This 3-day event includes pre-conference seminars, keynotes, annual updates, and paper and panel sessions. It covers all aspects of chiplet development, from partitioning to design, including interconnect, power and thermal analysis, packaging, integration, and test. This conference is also a good opportunity to get a deep understanding of new methods such as 3D heterogeneous integration and wafer-level, 2.5D, and 3D packaging. More.

Tom Hackenberg
“At Yole Intelligence, we are pleased to join the inaugural Chiplet Summit. Chiplets’ technology is a significant technology advance that can make very large chips cheaper and faster to produce. It allows designers to include off-the-shelf IP, proven work in older processes, and analog designs. Chiplets are making great strides with leading companies such as Intel, AMD, Arm, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Rackspace, Samsung and TSMC. All are supporting this innovation.”

Yole Intelligence’s teams, with a comprehensive expertise in the field of advanced packaging and computing, invite you to follow the technology trends and market evolution on Stay tuned!

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