Chiplets are rising: where and when?

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Yole Group partners with the Chiplet Summit, 2024 edition, to offer the latest perspective on this industry.

Yole Group is part of Chiplet Summit 2024. The Summit occurs on February 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The Chiplet Summit program is now available HERE.

Chiplets improve chip yields and costs but still provide the performance of a large monolithic chip.  Designers can mix and match chiplets, use the process technologies best suited to specific functions, take advantage of chiplet IP, and simplify moves to new process nodes, avoiding wafer waste and manufacturing defects.  Chiplets are the key to producing the extremely high-density, high-performance chips required for today’s networking, storage, AI/ML, analytics, media processing, HPC, and virtual reality applications.

Chiplet Summit covers the latest architectures, development platforms, and applications. It includes pre-conference seminars, keynotes, annual updates, and paper and panel sessions. It covers all aspects of chiplet development, including design, interconnect, packaging, integration, and testing. More.

At Chiplet Summit 2024, Principal Analyst, Computing Tom Hackenberg and Technology & Cost Analyst, Computing Ying-Wu Liu from Yole Group present a “Market Research Update” in the leadoff plenary on “Chiplet Markets Are Rising: Where and When?”

Tom Hackenberg from Yole Group
“According to Yole Intelligence’s Processor Market Monitor, heterogeneous processing heterogeneous processing has enabled an enormous smartphone application processor market hovering just below US$40 billion. But like Moore’s Law, this heterogeneous processor technology trend is running into physical barriers. Growing die size and complexity creates yield and design challenges of its own. To address this problem, the semiconductor industry is turning to chiplet-based manufacturing. Join us at the Chiplet Summit to discuss which markets are already developing heterogeneous processing on chiplet-based manufacturing even earlier than smartphones!”
Ying-Wu Liu from Yole Group
“From our technical analysis of consumer products, advanced automotive system-on-chips, and the processors for high-performance computing (HPC) applications, we see the chiplet concept has been introduced mainly in the field of HPC. All the chip giants, such as Apple, AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel, have been developing their chiplet-based processors using advanced packaging technology. In addition, we also see some heterogeneous ASICs made by Chinese server manufacturers. During our presentation at Chiplet Summit 2024, we will present several examples available in the market for a better understanding of chiplet-based technology. Join us!”

In addition, Tom Hackenberg heads an expert panel on market research in the closing session which will discuss market trends in “Chiplets in 2028 and How We Got There” and provide a keynote for the Open Compute Platform Track. This panel discussion will be moderated by Bill Wong, Technology Editor for Electronic Design. In addition to Tom, panelists include John Shalf from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Bapi Vinnakota from the Open Compute Project, and Jawad Nasrullah from Palo Alto Electron. More info.

Be sure to meet Yole Group’s computing analysts at Chiplet Summit 2024; book a meeting with them now: HERE.

Yole Group’s teams, with comprehensive expertise in the field of computing, invite you to follow the technology trends and market evolution on Stay tuned!

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