Power electronics: what did you expect?

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At Yole Group, we have been analyzing the power electronics market for many years now.

Indeed, the power electronics industry is experiencing continuous expansion, driven by government regulations, the growing demand for renewable energy sources, and the increasing emphasis on enhancing efficiency. In 2022, the overall power electronics market, encompassing both discretes and modules, was valued at US$20.9 billion. It is projected to witness substantial growth and reach a total market value of US$33.3 billion by the year 2028.

Ana Villamor, Ph.D., Team Lead Analyst, Power Electronics at Yole Intelligence
“As the backbone of energy-efficient systems, electric vehicles, renewable energy integration, and smart devices, power electronics shape the future of multiple industries. In this context, Yole Group provides multiple studies dedicated to the power electronics industry”.

Follow the detailed coverage of the entire power electronics industry, from power converter to xEV and capacitors, Yole Group continuously follows the technologies & markets:

Power electronics industry is propelled by xEV and renewables

Yole Intelligence has released its annual power electronics report, Status of the Power Electronics Industry 2023, which provides an overview of and update on each power electronics market’s forecast and technology trend, from wafer level to inverter level for each different segment…. HERE


Power converter industry: the race to horizontal integration

The trend toward “electrification of everything” is significantly increasing the demand for power converters. This includes everything from electric vehicles and charging stations to industrial automation and robotics… HERE

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Faster and stronger: how will power electronics for EVs reach $9.8 billion by 2028?

Vehicle electrification is speeding up globally within the major markets. The global LD vehicle market will reach 93 million units in 2028, with a 53.5% market share for xEVs… HERE

Powering the future: How vehicle electrification is driving the growth of power capacitor market

Capacitor costs represented about 10% of the total power converter costs in 2022. Film capacitors are the most used for high power levels and as a matter of fact, are the most expensive type of capacitors… HERE

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