YG PRESS NEWS – 1200V SiC Module: what are the latest innovations from SanRex?

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How is SanRex managing the power module packaging supply chain?

  • The SiC device market is expected to reach US$6 billion in 2027.
  • Some SiC trends are emerging and the supply chain is in restructuration, driven by the main cost factors.
  • Lately, the major SiC market players have been reshasping the SiC ecosystem, leading to strong competition and accelerating technical innovation and lower prices.

In 2019, SanRex, in collaboration with Panasonic Corporation, commercialized and started the mass production of a 1200V SiC MOSFET module with the company’s unique TechnoBlock packaging technology. This product is equipped with Panasonic’s SiC-MOSFET ‘DioMOS’ (Diode-integrated MOSFET) technology, which integrates free-wheel diode function…

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june 2021

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