YG PRESS NEWS – Reshaping SiC ecosystem: innovations and players

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Yole SystemPlus compares technology and costs of 12 SiC MOSFETs across a 49-transistor global roadmap encompassing all key voltage ranges.

  • The power SiC device market will grow to US$8,906 billion in 2028.
  • The SiC ecosystem has been reshaped by the major SiC market players in recent years.
  • Every manufacturer has its own solutions for die design and packaging integration. 

Yole SystemPlus, part of Yole Group, in the SiC Transistor Comparison 2023, the landscape of SiC has undergone a transformative shift courtesy of key market players in recent years. Each manufacturer has carved its own path in terms of die design and packaging integration, fostering robust competition that’s set to drive technical advancements and price reductions. While distinct SiC business models are evident, common trends are emerging, such as vertical integration aimed at optimizing revenue in the near future. This supply chain reconfiguration, primarily influenced by pivotal cost factors, is reshaping the industry.

Since the introduction of the first SiC device in 2001, the consistent demonstration of improved performance and value these devices offer has been evident. Moreover, device prices have become increasingly palatable for end-users.

Within this report, Yole SystemPlus presents an encompassing snapshot of SiC MOSFETs’ cutting-edge state, complete with a detailed evaluation of 12 newly incorporated SiC MOSFETs, a comparison with the previous 2021 report version. This selection comprises devices from 11 global players, including some Chinese entrants for the first time: STMicroelectronics, ROHM, Microchip, Toshiba, SemiQ, General Electric, DENSO, Panasonic, SMC Diode Solutions, Anbonsemi, and InventChip… For more information about this analysis, please contact us!

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june 2021

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