Market Monitor

NAND Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

In 2024, suppliers are restricting supply with the aim of driving prices up and returning to healthier operating margin levels.


Key Features

  • Quarterly Excel database and PDF presentation with analyst access included​
  • Five-year market forecast for supply including fab capacity and wafer production, process & technology roadmaps, and demand by market segment, including client SSD, enterprise SSD, mobile, removable storage, automotive and consumer.​
  • Market shares from 2015-present by supplier, region, and segment​
  • Supplier financial data from 2015-present including revenue, ASP, operating cost per bit, and operating margin​
  • Detailed two-year quarterly ASP forecast for key NAND components and packaged solutions

What's new

  • Due to a disciplined control of production capacity utilization rates by suppliers, the market is projected to remain undersupplied throughout 2024. As a result, ASP are anticipated to rise, contributing to the NAND industry's return to profitability by the second half of the year. Capex are expected to remain low, with a focus on conversion in 2024.

Product objectives

Provide a comprehensive guide to the dynamic NAND flash market, including: 

  • Overview of current market and competitive dynamics that will shape the market in thecoming quarters/years 
  • Impact of geopolitical issues (e.g.US/China relations) on the NAND market 
  • Historical data that provides context for the long-term outlook: market shares, supplier profitability, capex, etc. 
  • Current drivers of NAND and SSD demand, including by end device, memory content, and technology type 
  • Technology trends by supplier, including roadmaps, layer count, stacking, and hybrid bonding developments
  • Wafer capacity evolution by supplier

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