Market and Technology Trends

DC Charging for Automotive 2024

By Yole Intelligence

Smart DC charging solutions are key for electrified future. A new rising market for SiC!


Report's objectives

  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for EV DC chargers.
  • Analyze the drivers and challenges for electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure.
  • Present main technological trends and ongoing developments for DC EV charger power electronics at each level (charging station, charger topology, charger system design, power device, semiconductor technology).
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for EV DC charger-related power electronic devices, from system down to wafer.
  • Deep dive in the mainstream topologies allowing using 650 V devices.
  • Present the evolution of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and show how this impacts the EV DC charging market.
  • Oversee the main players across the EV DC charging supply chain.
  • Analyze how the business models and supply-chains are evolving.

Key Features

  • 2022-2029 forecast for EV DC chargers and power electronic devices for EV DC chargers (Munits, $M)
  • 2022-2029 forecast for silicon and SiC wafers for EV DC chargers
  • Market trends in e-mobility and EV DC charging infrastructure
  • Overview of the EV DC charging infrastructure supply chain, including  power device manufacturers, EV DC charger module manufacturers, charger system manufacturers, charging point operators. Deep insight into DC charger module manufacturers, products and technology. Comparison of EV DC charging and its alternatives (AC charging, wireless charging, battery swap) 

What's new?

  • EV DC chargers new segmentation according to power categories more representative to the products available on the market and future trends.
  • Market shares of the key charger manufacturers.
  • Insight into Chinese supply chain.

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