Market and Technology Trends

Displays and Optics for xReality 2024

By Yole Intelligence

OLED-on-Si is expected to trickle down VR market. AR one is on the verge to ignite, how LCoS and MicroLED technology will share the bulk of the consumer market?


Product objectives:

This report is a comprehensive view of the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in headsets, providing an in-depth understanding of the displays and associated optical vision systems.

Provide an understanding of the current status of AR and VR in general, and more detail regarding display and optical technologies:

  • What are AR and VR? What are the key benefits? How do display considerations differ in this context? Why are optics mixed into the display equation?
  • What are the roadblocks? How challenging are they? What are the roadmaps to overcome them?
  • Detailed analysis of critical technological nodes: field of view, pixel density, optical combiner manufacturing, holographic and diffractive elements, microdisplay sources, efficiency, etc.

This report also reviews the global AR and VR industries and provides insights into the possible evolution and the necessary technological developments for consumer adoption. The technological roadmap provided herein will enable further analysis by the reader.

For each application, market metrics are provided for displays and optics. Computing and sensing are not addressed.


Key Features:

  • Definition of AR and VR
  • 2024-2029 AR Headset market forecast with technology breakdown (both display and optics)
  • 2024-2029 AR Headset taxonomy roadmap (RGB vs. monochromatic, stereo vs. mono, FoV)
  • 2024-2029 VR Headset market forecast with technology breakdown
  • 2024-2029 Si related usage for AR microdisplay backplane forecast (12” wafer equivalent)
  • 2024-2029 Substrate wafer forecast for AR eyepiece


What’s new?

  • AR and VR market are about to resume after a 2 years slowdown.
  • Apple created an air gap dealing with both VR headsets and OLED-on-Si display for VR.
  • AI is expected to help AR market to ignite
  • Technology mix and both AR and VR archetypes are getting clearer

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