Market and Technology Trends

Emerging Semiconductor Substrates 2023

By Yole Intelligence

$264M by 2028 : emerging semiconductor substrate market is driven by power electronics applications


Key Features

  • 2022-2028 forecast for emerging substrates ($M)
  • 2022-2028 substrate price and size evolution
  • Market trends for emerging substrates in power and photonics applications
  • Future evolution of emerging substrates
  • Established markets history and roadmaps focus on power and photonics applications
  • Supply chain analysis and ecosystem for different emerging substrates materials
  • Technology trends based on emerging substrates materials with a deep focus on power and photonics applications

What's new?

  • 2022-2028 Emerging substrates forecasts
  • New identified players
  • Comparison between established and emerging semiconductors ecosystems at the crystal growth, Epitaxy and front-end process.

Product objectives

  • To give an overview of  different emerging semiconductor substrates.​
  • Present the drivers and the barriers for each material.​
  • Discuss the time to market.​
  • Assess potential applications.​
  • Identify the key players.​

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