Market and Technology Trends

Lithography and Bonding Equipment 2022 - Focus on More Than Moore

By Yole Intelligence

More Than Moore photolithography and bonding equipment market will reach $2.8B in 2027 driven by manufacturer capacity increase and hybrid bonding

Key Features

  • New applications in scope: Power IC, Photonics and Die-to-wafer (D2W) Bonding
  • Technology trends for photolithography and bonding equipment
  • Market trends for photolithography and bonding equipment
  • Photolithography and bonding process supply chain status
  • 2021-2020 YoY revenue evolution for photolithography and bonding equipment vendors
  • Six-year equipment market forecast for 2020-2027 for photolithography and bonding applications with breakdowns by application and technology 

What’s new

  • Application scope is enlarged into photonics, power IC and D2W hybrid bonding
  • Advanced Packaging section is revised: IC substrate is removed while D2W bonder for hybrid/fusion bonding is added
  • Scope is enlarged by high precision die attach equipment vendors
  • Market study:
    • 2021 revenue and 2021-2020 YoY revenue evolution
      • Photolithography leaders’ revenues for More Moore and More than Moore applications
    • Six-year equipment market forecast: 2020 to 2027
  • Supply chain and status for photolithography and bonding market is analyzed
  • Subparts are analyzed

Product objectives

  • Scope
    • Technology overview and equipment benchmark
    • Equipment market size update
    • Market share and YoY revenue evolution
    • Photolithography and bonding process supply chain overview
  • Context
    • Analyze equipment needs during post-pandemic shortages
    • Geopolitics’ influence on semiconductor equipment
  • Perspective
    • Technology perspective an inflation points
    • Market perspective and six-year forecast for 2020-2027

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