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Memory-Processor Interface 2023 - Focus on CXL

By Yole Intelligence

CXL might just be the key to turn today's server memory challenges into a $15 billion opportunity by 2028.


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Key Features 

  • Overview of the semiconductor memory market.
  • Analysis of key trends in datacenter driving CXL demand.
  • Introduction to CXL with focus on memory use cases and typical server configurations.
  • 2022-2028 forecast for CPUs, memory expanders, memory expander controllers and CXL switches (Munits, revenue, wafers…)
  • Technology trends for the systems abovementioned and key technical challenges to succeed their market penetration.
  • Supply chain and players mapping for the CXL ecosystem for memory expanders, expander controllers and CXL switches.

Product objectives

Yole is pleased to provide you with the brand-new memory report “Memory-Processor Interface 2023: focus on CXL”, offering a detailed technology and market analysis of the new Compute Express Link (CXL) interface, focusing on memory devices and the related chipset.

The main objectives of this report are as follows:

Deliver an in-depth analysis of memory technology expected to leverage the CXL interface and their markets:

  • Analysis of the memory bottlenecks and challenges in the datacenter space and the performance improvements CXL would bring in to address such issues.
  • Detailed overview of the CXL interface with a focus on the memory expansion and pooling use cases.
  • Overview of CPUs, memory and storage technologies with potential to leverage the CXL interface.

Present the CXL memory controllers and the CXL switches:

  • Technology overview of the CXL memory expander controllers and the CXL switches, necessary to enable memory expansion and pooling.

Offer 2022-2028 market forecasts for CXL memory and CXL compatible ICs:

  • CXL memory market with focus on DRAM for CXL shipments as well as the form factors associated to the interface (Add-In Cards and CXL drives) in unit shipments, average capacities, revenue and average selling prices (ASP)
  • Unit shipments, revenue, ASPs and equivalent 12” wafers production volumes for CXL memory controllers and CXL switches.

Describe the CXL ecosystem and players’ dynamics for memory technology:

  • Description of the players, the applications and the use cases driving CXL demand.
  • Mapping and analysis of the players offering CXL memory expanders, expander controllers, and CXL switches, as well as the supply chain associated to each of them.

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