Market and Technology Trends

Semiconductor Trends in Data Centers 2024

By Yole Intelligence

Driven by the AI revolution,  innovative servers’ semiconductors will be developed to increase computing power,  bandwidth while keeping low energy consumption. It will grow 12.8% reaching $205B in 2029.


Key Features 

  • Overview of the data center market and technological trends.
  • Data centers segmentation and forecast.
  • 2023-2029 forecast for memory, logic, opto & sensors, power & analog (units, revenues, wafers)
  • Technology trends for the semiconductor devices and key technical challenges.
  • Supply chain and player mapping of the data center ecosystem.

Product Objectives

Yole is pleased to provide you with the brand-new report “” Semiconductor Trends in Data Centers 2024”, offering a detailed technology and market analysis of the semiconductors used for computing, storing and networking/switching in data centres.

The main objectives of this report are as follows:

  • Describe the different types of data centers (DC) and trends.
    • Analysis of the DC architecture, trends and challenges.
    • Trends for the different types of servers: computing, storage, networking, switching and power.
  • Deliver an in-depth analysis of the different semiconductor's technologies in DC (processor, memory, power,  photonics and sensing).
    • Analysis of the current technologies, bottlenecks and challenges in the data centre space.
  • Offer 2023-2029 market forecasts for the different families of semiconductors in DC.
    • Shipments, revenues and equivalent 12” wafer production volumes for processors, memory, power, photonics and sensing
  • Describe the DC ecosystem and player dynamics.
    • Description of the players, the supply chain, the segmentation, and the use cases driving improved semiconductors technologies.
    • Market shares for servers and semiconductors devices

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