Performance Analysis

SWIR Light Sources – Product offer, technology and market structure analyses

By Piseo

Widely used in optical telecommunication, Short-Wave Infra-Red light sources are key to the development of the imaging market in machine vision, consumer and automotive.

Key Features

  • SWIR radiation definition
  • Optical properties of materials in SWIR
  • Applications of SWIR radiation
  • SWIR sources
  • Portfolio analysis of SWIR source manufacturers
  • SWIR source types by application
  • Overview of products marketed
  • Market unit forecasts
  • Market trends
  • Technology trends
  • Intellectual property
  • Standards and regulation

Product objectives

To improve SWIR source manufacturers and integrators’ knowledge and speed up their decision making, this first report on SWIR sources aims:

  • To provide details of the SWIR source products marketed
  • To highlight the existing and potential applications for SWIR
  • To reveal data on SWIR source market status and trends.

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