TriEye partners with Trimble to explore the use of next-generation SWIR-based autonomous vision systems

Israeli startup TriEye, developer of the world’s first mass-market Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) image sensor, announced its collaboration with Trimble, a global leader in machine control technology for agriculture and construction. As part of the collaboration, TriEye will work with Trimble to explore the use of its unique and innovative complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS)-based SWIR technology to enable operability in all weather and lighting conditions to detect potential hazards using visual perception capabilities in autonomous applications. In addition, the companies will explore the use of TriEye’s SWIR technology for remote material sensing.

The collaboration will focus on exploring the integration of TriEye’s cost-effective HD SWIR sensors with Trimble’s advanced autonomous solutions to deliver critical image data at all times, helping to improve safety, operability, and reliability of next-gen autonomous systems. Beyond enhanced visibility, the companies will evaluate TriEye’s remote sensing capabilities for material identification. A potential added value of SWIR across various domains such as transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, and construction.

SWIR is a key component in sensing technology, allowing autonomous systems to detect hazards that can’t otherwise be seen in a variety of conditions, such as fog, smoke, night, dust and sun glare . Our solution enables safer and more reliable autonomous operations by providing the same capabilities in a low cost and compact high-definition SWIR sensor,” said Ziv Livne, TriEye’s Chief Business Officer. “Working together with Trimble will allow us to better understand the domain-specific needs of the construction and agriculture equipment professionals and to deliver a solution that addresses the industry challenges to leverage and adopt autonomous vision systems. We’re excited to see Trimble’s interest in our technology and the potential applicability for various markets.”

The integration of TriEye’s SWIR sensors with Trimble’s advanced autonomous solutions can result in a superior perception capability that brings the industry one step closer to safe and reliable autonomous operations,” said Aviad Almagor, Division Vice President, Emerging Technologies at Trimble, “The unique capabilities of SWIR can enable capturing critical data imagery that enhances spatial awareness for autonomous machines.”