The First Memory product with Via-Middle TSV, a reverse costing by System Plus Consulting

System Plus Consulting is currently working on the Reverse Costing of the industry’s first 64GB DDR4, that uses 3D TSV package technology.

This new registered dual Inline memory module (RDIMM) includes 36 DDR4 DRAM chips (ref. K4AAG045WD), each of which consists of four 4Gb DDR4 DRAM dies (Ref. K4A4G085WD). The chips are manufactured using Samsung’s 20nm process technology and 3D TSV package technology.

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As a result, the new 64GB TSV module performs twice as fast as a 64GB module that uses wire bonding packaging, while consuming approximately half the power.

On the process side, Samsung used a temporary bonding approach using adhesive glue material and copper via-filled using bottom up filling.

The report will be available soon and will includes a complete physical analysis and cost estimation of the 3D packaging process, as well as a detailed description of the manufacturing process.

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