Alps Alpine begins mass production and sales of waterproof pressure sensor with high Chemical Resistance

Alps Alpine has added to its pressure sensor lineup, starting mass production of a new waterproof pressure sensor that retains existing water resistance performance while also being highly resistant to organic constituents in gases.

Wearable devices are among the main applications for Alps Alpine pressure sensors to date, with water resistance an important feature. Now as we look to branch into the gas meter market, our sensors need to be resistant to organic constituents in gases. The new product has high chemical resistance, achieved by redesigning the resin sensor covering. The adhesive resin between metal lid and ceramic substrate has also been redesigned, strengthening the bond to successfully enhance shock resistance relative to the existing model. The product’s shape is unchanged from the existing product and water resistance is achieved simply by setting it inside the housing with an O-ring.

Looking ahead, we expect sales to increase as we expand into a new area, the gas meter market, while also targeting applications of existing product HSPPAD143A within the wearable devices domain.

Alps Alpine develops and manufactures sensors for a wide range of applications in consumer products like smartphones through to automotive electronics. Seeking to contribute to society through our business, we will keep striving to develop products best matching the needs of customers and the market.