Ambiq, Invensense team for energy harvesting reference design

The HarvestKit energy harvesting reference design compbines the Ambiw Apollo3 Blue low power microcontroller with the Invensense ICM-45605 ultra-low powered 6-Axis IMU.

The ICM-45605 uses the HarvestKit design to enable 40% less power by pulling additional sources of energy from the environment such as motion. The reference design will be shown in a demonstration of the IMU with TDK SmartMotion  technology at Embedded World 2024 in Germany next week.

  • Ambiq MCU targets endpoint AI with 30x power efficiency
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The Apollo3 Blue functions as a high-performance edge compute node and runs AI and other complex algorithms while operating solely on energy harvested from its environment, eliminating the need for batteries in the energy harvesting reference design.

InvenSense‘s ICM-45605 is a 6-Axis IMU with an always-on gyroscope that can be used for low-power wake-up applications in wearable and IoT devices. It features vibration rejection and temperature stability with TDK BalancedGyro technology; a low noise gyroscope and accelerometer that achieves 3.8mdps/√Hz; 70µg/√Hz; user-programmable interrupts and digital filters; and more.

The IMU is targeted for a range of motion-based functions including wake on motion, pedometer, tilt detection, low-g/high-g detection, freefall detection, significant motion detection, and single/double tap.