Before APEC 2019, let’s talk about silicon carbide

An article written by Emmino Nicolette for EEDESIGNIT – The Silicon Carbide market is growing. How much of an increase should we expect? Yole Developpement predicts it will be a $1.5 billion market by 2023.

There’s a huge opportunity for SiC since industry players know that silicon isn’t physically capable of working at the incredibly high voltages needed for future applications. Not to say that the two materials necessarily compete, but the more like co-exist. Silicon Carbide semiconductors offer advantages such as higher switching efficiency and the aforementioned high voltage capabilities. They are a perfect fit for applications such as electric vehicles. And while they are more expensive than silicon-based devices, as automakers increasingly plan on stepping up their electrification activity, the market is sure to see an increase. Eventually, the long-term cost savings will outweigh the initial upfront costs… Full article