BenQ materials showcases automotive solutions at display week 2019

Driving safety and comfort have always been the top priorities and on the increasing demand for automotive makers. Among others, with its position in the area of optical materials, the light reflection management and privacy protection are the highlights of BenQ Materials in the Display Week, SID Conference from May 14th to 16th in San Jose, CA.

BenQ Materials’ Light Control Polarizer for automotive improves automotive CID (Central Information Displays) and instrument cluster displays visibility for driving safety under strong sunlight and in the night time. By utilizing its proprietary micro-structured pattern, light control film can suppress glaring sunlight and reduce panel luminance influence in the night time. The driving safety and comfort can hence be elevated to higher standard which is long sought by automotive industries.

BenQ Materials PNLC (Polymer Network Liquid Crystal) is an energy-saving light shading technology which particularly aims for smart automotive applications. PNLC Film applied in car side-window appears as normal glass in power off condition; it turns to frosted glass look when power is turned on. That provides the necessary visual privacy and enhances passengers comfort. BenQ Materials’ PNLC Film can be applied in automotive glazing that fully compatible with the existing laminating process. It is manufactured by continuous Roll to Roll method and can be applicable to variable curved surface.

To further meet growing automotive safety and comfort demands, BenQ Materials is committed to enhance its research and technology in optical materials for the coming years.

For more information, please visit BenQ Materials at booth 1722.