Carrots run fast, heading to the “No Man’s Land” autonomous driving demonstration experience area in Shanghai

A futuristic experience zone Mysteriously emerged in Shanghai! It is the “No Man’s Land” autonomous driving demonstration experience area in Jiading District, ShanghaiHere, Radish Run will start an unmanned test I believe that in the near future, friends in Shanghai You can enjoy fully self-driving travel.

the “Unmanned Land” autonomous driving demonstration experience area in Jiading District, Shanghai was officially launched , and Baidu’s autonomous driving travel service platform Ruipao started the fully unmanned test of autonomous driving. This is Shanghai’s promotion of the innovative development of intelligent connected vehicles Another important milestone of the project will provide a real environment basis and safety guarantee for the normalized and stable operation of unmanned vehicles of intelligent networked vehicles, support the testing and verification of unmanned high-level autonomous driving technology, and support the coordinated development of various intelligent networked vehicle formats. Accelerate the commercial application of specific scenarios.

Shanghai is the core gathering area of ​​the global auto industry and has unique advantages in the development of ICVs. It has become a strategic highland for the development of my country’s ICV industry. In order to speed up the application of new technologies and industrial transformation and upgrading, in October 2021, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transportation jointly issued the Implementation Measures for Testing and Demonstration of Intelligent Connected Vehicles in Shanghai” . It has laid a solid foundation for the safe and orderly development of intelligent networked vehicles. As of 2021, Shanghai has opened a total of 615 test roads of 1,289.83km , with 12,000 testable scenarios , and has issued road test and demonstration application qualifications to 25 companies and 295 vehicles . Open test; the test road mileage, scene richness, number of enterprises and number of license plates ranked first in the country.

At present, the Apollo Moon polar fox version of the self-driving car provided by Carrot Run has started a fully unmanned test in the Shanghai Auto Expo Park . In the future, with the orderly progress of the test, Carrot Run will provide fully unmanned and autonomous driving services to the public in more sections in the Jiading area of ​​Shanghai. Baidu Apollo will ensure the safety of fully unmanned autonomous driving through multiple safety mechanisms such as bicycle intelligence, monitoring redundancy, parallel driving, automatic driving operation guarantee system, and vehicle-road coordination .

Recently, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government launched the “Shanghai Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Innovation and Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicles”, proposing that “by 2025, the city will initially build a domestic innovation and development system for intelligent networked vehicles, and strive to achieve an industrial scale of 5,000 . 100 million yuan , and commercialized applications of L4 and above autonomous vehicles in limited areas and specific scenarios, ” pointing out the direction for the innovation and development of Shanghai’s intelligent networked vehicles.

As the earliest enterprise in China to deploy autonomous driving, Baidu Apollo has technologies and mature autonomous driving solutions, with a total test mileage of more than 34 million kilometers so far . Carrot Run has launched commercialized self-driving travel services in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, Yangquan and other cities. Among them, Chongqing and Wuhan have realized commercialized self-driving travel services without a safety officer in the car , with a total order volume of more than 1 million , Baidu has become the world’s largest self-driving travel service provider .