CenturyArks launches first industrial-grade camera featuring native compatibility with both Prophesee’s event-based vision sensor and software

Expanding the ecosystem for Event-Based Vision technology,  CenturyArks announced shipping of the first Event-Based Vision industrial grade camera powered by the bio-inspired hardware/software technology offered by Prophesee S.A, the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision system. The SilkyEvCam, an ultra-compact camera designed to address a wide range of industrial machine vision applications, utilizes the performance and efficiency of the Prophesee Metavision sensor, as well as the recently announced openness and flexibility of the Metavision Intelligence Suite. This total solution gives customers rapid time-to-market application-specific solutions tailored to specific market needs in machine vision.

The SilkyEvCam is available for production orders and is ideally suited for many different use cases that require high degrees of performance, power efficiency and robust reliability in all  environmental conditions. Additionally, Prophesee’s Metavision Intelligence software modules are seamlessly implemented to support applications such as high-speed counting, vibration monitoring, ultra-slow motion and object tracking. An intuitive set of development tools guide users on how to optimally implement Event-Based Vision in their machine vision systems.

The performance and flexibility of the Prophesee Event-Based Vision solution, including the new SDK, provides an extended platform to meet the many machine vision challenges faced by our partners and customers. The new “SilkyEvCam” USB camera equipped with a Prophesee sensor allows us to deliver a solution that is extremely efficient and cost effective. It offers a dramatic increase in the performance of sensing capabilities, AI processing and deep learning systems required in key areas such as predictive maintenance, manufacturing, factory automation, robotics and security. Time to explore this new world together !” said Mr. Saito, CEO of CenturyArks.

CenturyArks use of our complete Metavision offering demonstrates the range of potential it delivers for industrial automation use cases. By combining the efficiency of the underlying event-based sensor approach with our flexible development environment, CenturyArks and its partners can benefit from a powerful off-the-shelf machine vision systems and also implement customized solutions to meet specific and demanding applications,” said Luca Verre, CEO and co-founder of Prophesee.

Complete hardware/software platform accelerates adoption of high-performance, custom solutions

The camera takes advantage of the efficiency of the Metavision Event-Based Vision sensor by reducing the amount of data collected in a scene by up to 1000x compared to traditional frame-based techniques, significantly improving performance. It delivers ultra high-speed vision (>10,000fps time-resolution equivalent), lower power operation (<2.5W camera total) and supports a wide dynamic range (>120dB) that makes it suitable for effective operation in demanding lighting conditions.

Based on that foundation, the platform is the first to offer full support of the Metavision Intelligence Suite, the industry’s most comprehensive set of development tools for accelerating the process of exploring and implementing event-based vision technology in machine vision systems. The suite consists of 62 algorithms, 54 code samples and 11 ready-to-use applications. It provides users with both C++ and Python APIs as well as extensive documentation and a wide range of samples organized by increasing difficulty to incrementally introduce the fundamental concepts of event-based machine vision.