COAST Autonomous optimizes self driving vehicle safety with LeddarTech’s Cocoon LiDAR

COAST Autonomous selects LeddarTech’s solid-state LiDAR technology as the most reliable solution to achieve maximum safety levels for its self-driving vehicles designed for campus and urban environments.

LeddarTech®, an industry in automotive and mobility LiDAR technology, is pleased to announce that COAST Autonomous has selected LeddarTech for its autonomous shuttles. COAST Autonomous, founded by veterans of the self-driving industry, chose LeddarTech’s technology because of its ability to deliver enhanced safety for COAST Autonomous’ vehicles. The robustness and reliability of LeddarTech’s solid-state technology meet demanding mobility conditions and makes it the technology of choice toward preventing collisions in stop-and-go applications by eliminating dead zones left by other sensing technologies.

COAST Autonomous has developed self-driving vehicles that integrate several detection technologies, including LiDAR, RADAR, and camera. LeddarTech’s LiDAR provides full coverage with no dead zones within the entire perimeter of the vehicle, also referred to as the cocoon. This protects vulnerable road users such as pedestrians who may approach the vehicle in stop-and-go situations.  LeddarTech’s cocoon LiDAR provides a unique solution enabling safe, fully autonomous vehicles. “With the intent of providing the safest rides to our passengers, our selection of detection technologies takes into consideration the maturity of the partners we work with and their ability to consistently deliver on their promises,” stated Pierre Lefevre, Chief Technology Officer at COAST Autonomous. “With more than a decade of experience building LiDAR sensors, LeddarTech is the perfect partner for us and has consistently shown it could exceed our expectations.

We are honored that our cocoon LiDAR solutions were selected and trusted by COAST Autonomous to be part of its self-driving vehicles,” stated Adrian Pierce, VP of Global Sales & Business Development of LeddarTech. He went on to say, “COAST has an amazing track record with over 60 trials in 7 different countries and impressive history of transporting over 120,000 passengers. The first element of Coast’s charter is safety first, and the deployment of LeddarTech’s cocoon LiDAR supports that charter and the commitment Coast makes to their customers.Mr. Pierce concluded that “making mobility applications safer is at the core of our DNA. Our technology offers the right balance of performance and cost-effectiveness and is ready for deployment.”