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– Concrete Sensors, an Internet of Things company focused on construction, uses real-time data from wireless sensors, enabling the most accurate solution to accelerate schedules.
– This is CEMEX Ventures’ first investment in smart concrete technology, which enables customers to save money and reduce schedules by weeks, all while improving quality.

CEMEX Ventures announced an investment in Concrete Sensors, a U.S.-based startup that enables contractors to accelerate their schedules through accurate real-time monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, and strength with any mix design of concrete.

Concrete Sensors, an Internet of Things company focused on construction, uses embedded wireless sensors, combined with a mobile app, to supply the data needed to make critical decisions with a high degree of accuracy. The combination of data and in-house concrete lab calibration enables their customers to save money and reduce schedules by weeks, all while improving quality.

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This solution represents a major breakthrough in the construction industry, allowing teams to not only avoid schedule delays, but also optimize their workflow. Every concrete pour is unique, making management difficult and increasing a project’s risk. After concrete pouring, installed on-site sensors are automatically activated to immediately analyze the concrete, ensure quality, and create efficiency. Sensors continually collect data, reporting on performance and alerting contractors of issues before they happen.

Concrete Sensors’ solution has already been used by some of the largest and most sophisticated contractors such as Turner Construction Company and Skanska. This user-friendly solution has caught the interest of CEMEX Ventures, Requus Ventures, and Arab Angels Fund, which have partnered in this investment.  All share a common vision with Concrete Sensors of focusing on the market potential of actionable insights, high accuracy, superior customer service, and a deep understanding of the construction industry.

CEMEX Ventures has become a strong lever for growth by facilitating relationships between Concrete Sensors and strategic players in the construction market. “We decided to invest in Concrete Sensors because it is a startup that offers solutions to a broad range of challenges in construction. It brings added value to CEMEX customers by exploiting our product benefits and saving costs,” said Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of CEMEX Ventures.

Requus Ventures is a strategic investor with global reach and targets investments in the construction and real estate space, such as Concrete Sensors. These can offer their customers cost and time savings, quality improvement and can easily be scaled globally. Concrete Sensors has a great team and offers a simple and scalable IoT solution for the large and antiquated construction industry. We are excited to have Concrete Sensors as a portfolio company and look forward to supporting their future success,” said Dino Antzoulis, Managing Director, Requus Ventures.

Omar Darwazah, General Partner at Arab Angel Fund said: “We are excited to add Concrete Sensors to the fund’s portfolio and invest alongside CEMEX Ventures and Requus Ventures. Concrete Sensors’ IoT solution for the construction sector offers an effective response to the industry’s pervasive challenges and delivers customer cost and time savings and overall quality improvement. We look forward to helping the company explore business development and commercial opportunities in the MENA region and capitalize on the infrastructure and construction spending boom in the GCC.