DISCO selects Plasma-Therm as global business partner for plasma dicing technology

DISCO, the world’s largest dicing equipment provider, has signed a global distribution agreement with Plasma-Therm for its plasma dicing technology.

The quality and cost-saving benefits of plasma dicing will now be available to semiconductor manufacturing customers worldwide through DISCO’s global sales and service network.

DISCO executive Noboru Yoshinaga said, “DISCO is keenly aware that plasma dicing is a key enabling technology for advanced packaging, and now we can provide complete Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku (dicing, grinding, polishing) solutions to customers. After a careful evaluation, DISCO determined that PlasmaTherm’s technology is the solution of choice, due to its cost of ownership and performance,” he said.

DISCO will install a 300 mm Singulator® system in its Tokyo facility this year to support customer demonstrations and semiconductor device packaging evaluations.

Abdul Lateef, Plasma-Therm CEO, said, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with DISCO, the recognized leader in back-end processing. The industry needs the enabling technology of plasma dicing to overcome today’s semiconductor advanced packaging challenges — small and sensitive devices and thin wafers.”