emotion3D and Ambarella collaborate on AI-based edge camera systems for driver and occupant monitoring

emotion3D, a pioneer in camera-based in-cabin monitoring software solutions, and Ambarella a provider of AI vision processors for the edge, announced they will collaborate to provide platform-optimized driver monitoring (DMS) and occupant monitoring (OMS) solutions to automotive suppliers and OEMs.

Over the last few years, emotion3D developed one of the most comprehensive and flexible software stacks for driver and occupant monitoring. Their driver monitoring software analyses facial features of the driver to derive safety-relevant information like attention and drowsiness levels. The company also provides a mature occupant monitoring software analyzing all occupants and objects inside the cabin to build innovative safety and user experience functions. The stacks feature a variety of modules enabling countless customizable functions. Emotion3D prepared their algorithms to conform with all existing and upcoming regulations like the EU General Safety Regulation, the various NCAP (Euro NCAP, ANCAP) assessment protocols, and the UN regulation on automatic lane keeping systems.

Ambarella has become a company for edge AI processing. As part of the CVflow® AI Vision SoC family, the CV25AQ automotive processor includes a dedicated vision processing engine enabling trillions of operations per second while maintaining extremely low power consumption. The full Ambarella CVflow family covers a wide range of applications including safety-critical applications up to ASIL-B (D). Emotion3D’s software stacks are now available and optimized for Ambarella’s CV25AQ vision processor. Both, emotion3Ds software as well as Ambarella’s processor, are compatible with a wide range of cameras for driver monitoring as well as occupant monitoring from established sensor suppliers.

Ambarella and emotion3D are targeting Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs to integrate the system in new generations of vehicles in order to provide enhanced safety and a next level user experience. “Customers appreciate that the system is optimized for efficiency while allowing for flexible adaptations according to the customer’s wishes,” says Florian Seitner, CEO of emotion3D.

Florian adds: “We are committed to providing high-performing in-cabin analysis solutions to our customers. We are happy to have partnered with Ambarella whose extremely low-power processing solutions perfectly match with our efficient algorithms, creating an optimal system for our customers.”

emotion3D’s flexible software stack paired with our CV25AQ CVflow AI vision processor provides Tier-1s and OEMs with an easily implemented and customizable edge-based core for their DMS and OMS camera systems,” says Chris Day, vice president of marketing and business development for Ambarella. “Importantly, the joint solution simplifies the process for getting to market adeptly with a solution that meets and exceeds cross-continent safety standards.”

The system including Ambarella’s CV25AQ and emotion3D’s driver and occupant monitoring software stack are now available for demos and testing. Interested parties are asked to get in touch with the provided contact below.