Ford enables customers to activate BlueCruise hands-free ADAS at any point of ownership

In a move to expand its offerings and deliver more flexibility to customers, Ford has revealed that it will now include BlueCruise hardware as standard on all vehicles from the factory. As a result, customers with equipped vehicles will be able to activate the Level 2 hands-free advanced driver assistance system at any point during ownership to enable ‘hands-off, eyes-on’ driving on certain roadways.

BlueCruise can be activated at the point of purchase, or alternatively, yearly or monthly for further flexibility. Users can also trial the software before buying it.

It is estimated that BlueCruise hardware will be installed on 500,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles for the 2024 model year in North America.

“BlueCruise is an experience-it-to-believe-it technology, and people are amazed at how it can help make driving less stressful and more enjoyable – especially in traffic or on long drives,” said Ashley Lambrix, head of commercial acceleration, Ford Model e. “We believe in this technology and how it can help transform the highway driving experience and want to give more customers the opportunity to try it and provide flexibility for them to activate it when they want to use it.”

Before now, customers would have to decide if they wanted BlueCruise when ordering the vehicle to enable the hardware to be installed.