Galaxy A9: the world’s first rear quad-camera smartphone

Taking that perfect sunset panorama of a pristine white sand beach after a day of exploring your latest vacation destination just got a little easier. Samsung’s new rear quad-camera Galaxy A9 features a 120° Ultra Wide lens, which captures the whole scene with way less panning.

Whether you’re ready for your close-up or looking at the bigger picture, the Galaxy A9 comes equipped with camera options to help you capture the moment the way you want. While the 120° Ultra Wide lens lets you capture everything your eyes see, the telephoto lens provides 2x Optical Zoom, so you get the perfect composition even when you are far away from your subject.

Samsung Yole

The phone’s 24MP main lens stays sharp no matter what your lighting conditions. Using a pixel re-mosaic algorithm, it is able to maintain peak performance in low light, producing clear images with less noise. The Depth Camera works with the main camera to give you the ability to manually adjust the depth of field of your images, so you can add beautiful bokeh to accentuate your photos.

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