HLJ, ams partner to build 6-inch VCSEL production line

HLJ is pleased to announce that we have signed a Manufacturing Service Agreement and Intellectual Property License Agreement with AMS Sensors Singapore Pte (“AMS”), to establish a dedicated 6” VCSEL chip process manufacturing line for AMS at HLJ Taiwan, with the related IP co-owned by both companies. Concurrently, AMS is building another 6” line in Singapore with similar capabilities, in addition to its already existing outsourced 6” supply chain.
In the future, HLJ will transfer related co-developed IP to AMS’ Singapore line.  HLJ will also set up self-owned 6” lines, including Epi growth, chip process, and QA & reliability testing, to provide in-house VCSEL manufacturing services for our other customers.
In this strategic alliance, AMS and HLJ will exchange VCSEL chip manufacturing process know-how required to bring up the manufacturing line. We believe, that this move will strengthen HLJ’s global competitive edge in the VCSEL industry by expanding our capacity, deepening our technological know-how, and creating new business opportunities. All of these will drive long-term growth in revenues and shareholder value.