Infineon selects Polyn analog neural network for TPMS

Infineon has decided to provide TPMS (tyre pressure monitor system) sensors with vibration signal detection that will make use of Polyn’s neuromorphic front-end (NFE) chips to pre-process data at the sensor.

The NASP NFE contains a neural network that can identify patterns of vibration indicative of road and tyre conditions. This can reduce the volume of data collected from TPMS accelerometers by a factor of 4,000 and reduces power consumption to the order of microwatts

“The combined Infineon and Polyn solution for tyre monitoring will be especially suited to the fleet market and to autonomous cars, delivering new possibilities for road condition and tyre wear control in an energy- and cost-efficient way,” said Henry Hu of Infineon’s automotive division. “We welcome Polyn as part of Infineon’s global startup co-innovation program.”

Aleksandr Timofeev, CEO of Polyn, said: “Together we are aiming to set a new standard for the tyre monitoring industry, offering a unique value for next-generation tyres and new business models based on data collection, classification, and analysis.”