Inkonova is revolutionizing handheld mapping with Ouster Digital Lidar

This week, Inkonova announced its latest handheld mapping product, the BatHandheld Mobile Laser Scanner, while exhibiting at the Startup Sweden booth at GITEX in Dubai. The BatHandheld is a lightweight handheld mapping device that utilizes an Ouster OS0 3D point cloud and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), to create precise 3D models of both indoor and outdoor environments. Their system is unique in the fact that it does not require a GPS signal, therefore it can be used in remote GPS-denied areas such as underground mines and tunnels. The BatHandheld provides the operator with a real-time 3D visualization, as well as a fully processed 3D model of the environment. The operator is able to view the 3D maps onsite, without the need for an additional computer. In addition to mapping, Inkonova provides automated georeferencing via a laser rangefinder integrated under the Ouster sensor. The range finer allows surveyors to tag control points from several meters (e.g. ceilings) and georeferencing in the Bathandheld computer by just inserting the coordinates to each control point.

After reviewing their previous solution and other lidars on the market, Inkonova selected Ouster’s OS0 for their latest-generation handheld mapping system. They found that the OS0’s high resolution, lightweight form factor, and ultra-wide field of view gave them the edge they were looking for in the market. The size and weight of the lidar is absolutely critical for any handheld application. As you can see below, the operator mapping the mine needs to be able to hold the lidar for the entirety of the mapping process. A lighter unit alleviates strain on the operator and enables easier, more efficient operation.

In addition to the small, lightweight form factor, Ouster’s ultra-wide field of view eliminates the need to rotate a sensor, as with their previous handheld device. The Ouster’s OS0 ultra-wide field of view is able to capture the entire environment in a scan by holding the sensor shoulder height, parallel to the ground. The BatHandheld is one of the first handheld mapping products that does not externally rotate a lidar sensor.

With Ouster and their breakthrough in digital lidar technology as well as a lightweight but robust lidar sensor, we are truly succeeding in solving some problems in new use cases that we were not able to solve before,” said Inkonova AB’s CEO, Pau Mallol.

Congratulations to Inkonova on their new product release!

Congratulations to Inkonova on their release. Ouster is very excited to help revolutionize the handheld mapping market. The BatHandheld is now available for order with a launch discount until the end of November.