LG Energy Solution intends to work with Qualcomm to develop advanced battery management system solutions for automobiles

LG Energy Solution announced that the company intends to explore working with Qualcomm Technologies, to develop advanced battery management system (BMS) diagnostic solutions. Through the working relationship, the companies intend to explore developing advanced solutions that combine LG Energy Solution’s battery diagnostic software with certain features and functionalities of the Snapdragon® Digital ChassisTM platform, a product of Qualcomm Technologies, to deliver an advanced BMS solution that helps extend vehicles’ battery life.

LG Energy Solution also plans to explore developing BMS diagnostic solutions that support AI hardware and software solutions featured on Snapdragon Digital Chassis.

The existing BMS software operates with dedicated low-performance hardware. With the new BMS solution, sophisticated battery algorithms would be able to run in-vehicle in real-time, utilizing the computing power of the high-performance Snapdragon Digital Chassis platforms that are already utilized in the vehicle. Additionally, LG Energy Solution would also intend to combine LG Energy Solution’s battery technology with AI hardware and software solutions featured on Snapdragon Digital Chassis to provide advanced BMS functions, such as edge AI-based BMS features, that do not require communication with the server.

“Our work with Qualcomm Technologies intends to create differentiated customer value by enabling real-time battery health diagnosis as well as the development of battery management solutions that are directly linked to driving information,” said Hyuksung Chung, Vice President of Business Development at LG Energy Solution.

BMS is essential for managing the safe and healthy battery usage environment of customers and consumers. It uses various battery-related data, such as current, voltage, and temperature, to ensure optimal performance, which also enables more sophisticated battery use, such as detecting and preventing problems before they occur.

In particular, the importance of advanced battery diagnostic solution is increasing as automobiles become more and more like lifestyle platforms for watching films, shopping, and enjoying various entertainment. Additionally, the era of future electric vehicles, which advocates for batteries instead of internal combustion engines, is fast approaching.

Existing battery diagnostic algorithm technologies are developed based on virtual conditions, rather than real world battery data, making them less ideal for actual use environments. LG Energy Solution has accumulated exceptional expertise in battery management through the process of manufacturing batteries for various customers and cooperating with them for over 30 years.

The company possesses unique battery analysis algorithm technologies based on empirical, cross-validated data from approximately 100,000 electric vehicles and the analysis of more than 10,000 batteries exposed to real use environments. The company also holds over 7,000 BMS-related patents and boasts a safety detection accuracy of 90%, the highest in the industry.

LG Energy Solution anticipates that its cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies will lead to the supply of more sophisticated and advanced battery diagnostic solutions to customers, including major global automakers.

“The importance of safe and healthy battery management is increasing with the growth of the electric vehicle market,” Chung said. “We expect to be able to show customers overwhelming and differentiated customer value through our cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies.”

“We are pleased to be a trusted partner of the automotive industry, working with companies like LG Energy Solution to revolutionize the way vehicles harness and manage power for optimal performance, efficiency and safety,” said Jason Park, senior director, marketing, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Korea. “We look forward to growing the relationship with LG Energy Solution to combine our expertise and commitment to deliver advanced BMS solutions that runs on-device with high computing power, and is designed to empower automakers to deliver intelligent, greener and more sustainable vehicles.”