OmniVision announces 1/3-inch13-MP image sensor for mainstream and entry-level smartphone cameras

OV13B features industry’s best 1.12-micron pixel performance and ultra low power consumptionfor rear- and front-facing camera applications a developer of advanced digital maging solutions, announced the OV13B image sensor—the latest addition to the 13-Megapixel (MP) sensor family in a 1/3-inch optical format and featuring OmniVision’s 1.12-micron PureCel® Plus pixel technology. This sensor is specifically designed for the enormous mainstream and entry-level smartphone markets, providing a compelling solution for rear- or front-facing cameras.

The market for 1/3-inch optical format 13-MPimage sensors has grown significantlyduring the lastcouple of years due to their optimized size, performance and costeffectiveness;we anticipate that this strong demand will continue for both rear- and front-facing cameras, in mainstream and entry-level smartphone applications,” said James Liu, product marketing manager for OmniVision. “The OV13B builds on the success ofour widely deployed 13-MP sensor family with the industry’s best 1.12-micron pixel performance. This sensorwill not only fulfill the tremendous demand in the mainstream market,but can also boost the performance of entry-level smartphones. It is also a perfect fit for both wide-angle and telephoto cameras in multi-camera configurations.

OV16A Photo

In comparison with its predecessors, the OV13B has significantly lower power consumption, which helps to extend battery lifein smartphones. Additionally, the OV13B has a smaller chip size, enablingan 8.5 x 8.5-mm autofocus module for main cameras, or a 6.4×7.2-mm fixed-focus module for front-facing cameras with a Z height below 4 mm.

The OV13B image sensor supportsphase detection autofocus (PDAF), which has become the de-facto standard for enabling fast autofocusin mobile applications. Additionally, it provides multiple resolution options to meet the needs of end users, includingfull-resolution 13-MP image output at 30 frames per second (fps), 4K2K video at 30 fps, 1080p full high definition (HD) at 60 fps, or 720p HD at 120 fps.