Photonics Finland names Dispelix Oy as company of the year

Photonics Finland has named Dispelix Oy Company of the Year. The announcement was made at the Optics and Photonics Days (OPD 2022), which were co-organized by Photonics Finland and Finnish Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN).

Our team has worked in nanophotonics for a long time, so this award from these prestigious organizations means a lot to us. Photonics is one of the major enabling technologies for AR technology and smartglasses of the future. We will continue to focus and hire experts in this area,” said Antti Sunnari, CEO and Co-Founder, Dispelix Oy. “With a focus on bringing more awareness to the AR technology industry, Photonics Finland has been a great partner for Dispelix as we continue to grow.”

Dispelix product development and a large part of its operations are based in Finland,” said Juha Purmonen, Executive Director, Photonics Finland. “The company has grown rapidly and recruited experts in the photonics field representing 30 different nationalities from across the globe, most of whom now work in Finland.”

With more than 250 companies in Finland focused on photonics and the best talent in this space, we truly have the world’s ecosystem for this industry,” said Juuso Olkkonen, CSO and Co-Founder of Dispelix Oy. “Being named the Company of the Year is a great accomplishment for Dispelix and our entire team. This is especially important since Finland has a long tradition and world expertise, especially in near-eye display optics for augmented and mixed reality.”