Robosense and outsight announce partnership agreement

The partnership combines 3D LiDAR technology with a real-time full data analysis and comprehension solution, to the mass deployment of 3D perception technologies.

RoboSense, a manufacturer of advanced LiDAR solution for autonomous driving, and Outsight, specialist in 3D Spatial Intelligence, announced a new partnership aiming to combine the pre-processing software engine from Outsight with RoboSense’s products. Thanks to this partnership, 3D perception technologies can be deployed at a large scale for both Smart Cities and Smart Machines applications, giving robots perception capabilities which are superior to humans.

As one of the world’s first mass-production-ready LiDAR manufacturers, RoboSense provides high-performance and cost-effective automotive LiDAR solutions for autonomous driving applications.

Outsight creates pre-processing software to make 3D lidar easier than ever to use. It detects, classifies, and tracks objects without relying on Machine Learning. In a few months, its solution has grown rapidly in many applications including Infrastructure-based Perception and Smart Vehicles.

With shared mission, RoboSense cooperates with Outsight in the revolution of machine 3D perception. Thanks to this partnership, the joint solution delivers real-time, reliable, processed 3D data, becoming one of the most advanced 3D perception technologies available and offering an ideal solution which can be easily integrated across many industries beyond automotive. Specifically, it will be applied both in the context of Smart Cities’ applications and Smart Machines (Mobile Robots and Vehicles).

Following this partnership, RoboSense will collaborate with Outsight’s to ensure the best integration between the latest innovations and products of each company. Outsight will develop specific drivers and interfaces to allow its pre-processing solutions to leverage the unique value of RoboSense LiDARs.