See key trends driving computer vision and AI in new Embedded Vision Alliance white paper

The Embedded Vision Alliance announced a new white paper on the key trends driving the proliferation of vision applications and influencing the future of the industry. The white paper, titled “Four Key Trends Driving the Proliferation of Computer Vision and Visual AI” is available on the Embedded Vision Alliance website at

With so much happening in computer vision applications and technology, and happening so fast, it can be difficult to see the big picture,” stated Phil Lapsley, Alliance vice president. “This white paper provides unique insight based on research we’ve done with our member companies. Read this to find out where they are investing their money in research for next-generation products.

Computer vision has tremendous potential to improve an incredible diversity of applications, from automotive safety to photography. We will see more progress in the deployment of practical computer vision in the next five years than we’ve seen in the past 50 years. In this white paper, the Alliance describes what is fueling these key trends, and highlights key implications for technology suppliers, solution developers, and end users.