Sheba Microsystems to unveil next generation micro piston actuator technology for mobile phone cameras at CES 2019

Sheba Microsystems, a player in the development of next-generation microactuators (MEMS) for mobile phone camera modules, will unveil its new, innovative actuator camera module at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The module uses micro piston actuators designed specifically to accelerate mobile photography development for 3D, slow motion, high-resolution, electronic zoom, and low light photography. The proprietary approach promises to provide mobile phone OEMs and consumers with DSLR high-resolution picture quality and capabilities via their mobile devices.

Sheba microsystems

With the significant advancements in the image processing capabilities such as super-resolution imaging, bokeh effect, and high Frame per Second (FPS) streaming, an enabling hardware platform is needed to make the most use of such capabilities. The incumbent VCM actuation technology is not an ideal candidate” Said Faez Ba-Tis, CEO, Sheba Microsystems. “Sheba MEMS actuators with their high speed and sub-pixel accuracy, are able to provide consumers with that high-end mobile phone photography experience they are missing.”

Showcased initially as an autofocus camera at CES 2018, the next generation on display in 2019 will advance on the same path of technological disruption for mobile camera modules with an established new design that goes beyond proof of concept. Visitors to Sheba Microsystems’ booth this year will see first-hand the capabilities of the new module via a unique demonstration. By installing a mobile phone to a continuous vibrating and shifting motion axis, visitors will be able to see first-hand how the MEMS inside the camera module allow for an unwaveringly stable picture using an optical image stabilization technology while simultaneously achieving autofocusing.

The micro piston actuators at use have demonstrated their strength, reliability, and unprecedented payload capacity, allowing for existing high-end lenses and sensors to be attached directly. They provide a complete optical solution including autofocusing and optical image stabilization for mobile phone cameras. This differentiated approach from other technologies (flex lens actuators, VCMs) in the market provides a significant technological improvement that drastically improves the image and video quality and speed.

At this stage of development, the micro-piston actuators used in the actuator camera module can multiply pixels by a factor of four and offer picture stability. The micro piston actuator compensates for vibration and unwanted user movements, saving software and processing resources, stabilizes the picture frame and increases the speed and quality of the picture acquisition process. The process itself has an intrinsic benefit to mobile phone design and optimizes the use of resources which are then redeployed toward the picture intake process.